part empirical. part intuitive.
all ingenious.

The 5 Stages of Ideation is our step-wise approach to strategically and creatively developing successful marketing communications. Whether the Stages take place during 5 months — or accelerated in 50 minutes — the formula of checks and balances is scalable to ensure our breakthrough imagination is built on business intelligence.

1: IMMERSION — Brand Audit & Discovery

At the onset of every project, we conduct a candid, comprehensive investigation of your business, product and/or service. This aerial view provides a thorough, 360° perspective of you, your staff, and the beliefs of your customers and competitors. It’s intensive and extensive. Fact-finding pushed to another level providing the fuel for formulating sound strategy, as well as being a great breeding ground for creative inspiration.

2: INTEGRATION — Strategy & Planning

Once our extensive exploration is complete, we analyze and interpret the findings to ensure an authentic brand platform is developed. This intellectual foundation serves as the business compass for the creative — guiding solutions that are highly targeted, focused, and most importantly, engaging.

3: INNOVATION — Creative Development & Design

Time for the brainstorming think-tank to crank into overdrive. The visual engineering of a brand provides the creative lift to differentiate and distinguish. Breakthrough concepts — that are ingeniously relevant to consumer wants and needs — are created based on agreed-upon strategy. For validation, customer feedback is sought to nourish the process and red-flag any oversights.

4: IMPLEMENTATION — Advertising Execution

We are committed to precise execution that drives results and understand that the greatest strategy in the world will fail if it isn't properly executed.  From media planning and buying, to ingenious out-of-home advertising and sophisticated social engagement, our marketing communication solutions engage and educate, turning casual ad readers into passionate brand advocates.

5: INSPECTION — Results Tracking & Analysis

“It’s not creative if it doesn’t sell.”  Our scientific approach to optimization places marketing programs on trial for life. Project process and performance audits — based on clearly defined, quantifiable objectives — are conducted from initial launch to completion as we constantly track, measure, analyze and improve. We ask questions. Find answers. Test again and repeat.