kaitlyn holden

A.k.a Kait May (College Alias)


“Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.” — Vince Lombardi

What makes you, YOU?

  • International pizza connoisseur
  • Infamous karaoke performer
  • Reality TV enthusiast
  • Competitive line dancer
  • Mullet supporter
  • Never played a game of Monopoly

Things that make you tick...

  • My Dad's Jokes paired with my Mom's DIPS (preferably buff dip)
  • Jeep drives and impromptu motorcycle rides
  • Boating weather-water activities included
  • Summer concerts preferably country music

Pet peeves, dislikes, and anything else wrong with everything?

  • Public Transportation
  • Poor manners
  • Wet socks
  • Cursing
  • Samesiders

Achievement you thought you couldn't accomplish, but did?

  • Snowboarding down a black diamond with no hands

Your midnight shift superhero identity?

  • Pizza Princess, providing pizza to the hungry, drunk or lonely.

What is your shaman power animal?

  • Polar bear. We both experience the agony of being a lefthander in a right-handed world.

Drop some knowledge on the world...

  • The voices of Mickey and Minnie mouse were married in real life.

Fairly useless but unique skill or trick?

  • I can cook minute rice in 58 seconds

Goofy and guilty pleasure of yours?

  • DMX, grand champ album (2003)

Go-to bar joke?

  • What does a nosey pepper do? Gets jalapeno business!

Good book for a long flight?

  • Cocktail menu :)

Your last meal?

  • Pizza. obvi.

Movie most likely left in your DVD player?

  • "be cool honey bunny, be cool."

Must see TV?

  • Shameless