kyle gallagher

Nickname: KG (Because I'm Such a Kewl Guy)


“Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams”

What makes you, YOU?

  • Uhh, that's a bit personal. At least buy me a drink first. Well, let's see…
  • Stand-Up Comedian.
  • MMA Practitioner.
  • Movie/TV Addict.
  • Sports Buff.
  • Kickass Creative.
  • Just all around the most awesome person you'll ever meet in your entire life… oh, and humble. Very humble.

Things that make you tick...

  • All I need in life are my 3 favorite things: my laptop, my lady and a bottomless jar of peanut butter (not necessarily in that order).

Pet peeves, dislikes, and anything else wrong with everything?

  • Geez, all the questions? YOU are my pet peeve… oh, and I HATE when people chew with their mouth open or slurp. Sends me into a fit of rage. But I'm too polite to say anything, so I'll just sit there, stew in my hatred and meticulously plan their demise.

Most embarrassing professional moment?

  • When I was 15, I was fired from my very first job…as a waiter…at a retirement home… my first week. Probably why to this day I have an irrational fear of the elderly.

Achievement you thought you couldn't accomplish, but did?

  • I'm a hardcore optimist who always likes to challenge myself. So when I put my mind to something, I know I'm going to get the job done. But if I had to narrow it down, I guess it'd be finishing the 2nd season of True Blood. Man, that show went downhill fast. That was stick-to-itiveness!

Your midnight shift superhero identity?

  • The Dutch Ovener. Just ask my girlfriend. (Prob explains her wisdom of being a "girlfriend" instead of "wife.")

What is your shaman power animal?

  • Direwolf, baby! Love me some Game of Thrones.

Drop some knowledge on the world…

  • Did you know that the word oxymoron IS an oxymoron? Mind. Blown.

Fairly useless but unique skill or trick?

  • Crip Walking. Pretty much the only dance move I've got and it went outta style 20 years ago.

Goofy and guilty pleasure of yours?

  • Child-like obsession with the Muppets — it's all creative, not creepy.

Your last meal?

  • What, you mean like what would I eat if I was like the movie Dead Man Walking? Someone call my parents!!!! Wait, or you mean what was the LAST thing I ate? Oh, sushi. (Ed. Note: Mr. Kewl, we DO mean your 'final' meal.)

Movie most likely left in your DVD player?

  • Anything by Christopher Nolan or starring Brad Pitt.

Must see TV?

  • Breaking Bad. Greatest. Show. Ever.