Anyway, our new site is live — and without sacrificing client timelines. Over the last decade we’ve engineered websites for clients all across the interwebs. We understand the difficult and rigorous process of web development. So many (seemingly) minor considerations play major roles in the functionality of a site —­ navigation nomenclature, optimized content, social integration, etc. — it’s easy to get lost in a sea of minutia. The details are critical to the overall usability and experience, as well as defining the key objectives. For us, the user-experience was two-fold:

  1. Share the science and strategy behind our creative, not just the pretty pictures (although we have plenty of them)
  2. Articulate the Agency|51 Mythos, both visually and verbally

Maybe more than any other tactic, the website sheds light on fundamental opportunities to improve and define your brand and all of its tentacles. During the build, we enhanced our Ideation process, reintroduced our talented team, redefined our core capabilities and updated our brand voice; all under the umbrella of this “rebuild”.

Maintain focus. Keep messaging clear. Meet your objectives. And avoid drowning yourself with a never-ending pursuit of cutting-edge terminology and technology. Unless you’re an underground hacker, you’ll be chasing your techie-tail forever. Build a solid base, and then continue to implement relevant enhancements (keep an eye out for our Phase 2 additions!).