Agency 51 Advertising has purchased an equity stake in Bōnfun Wine, the world's premier “cognac-infused wine.” Scott Muscarella, VP of Agency 51, said, “Bōnfun is brand-new to the United States, and they contacted us about handling their marketing. Naturally, we gave Bōnfun a taste test in our Philadelphia office, and we immediately realized that this was an extraordinary product. We wanted to do more than just sell Bōnfun—we wanted to participate as well.” 

“We at Bōnfun were delighted that Agency 51 reacted so positively to Bōnfun,” says Bōnfun LLC President Michael Barsella. “We’re confident that the rest of the country will feel the same way about Bōnfun.”

Bōnfun is a cognac-infused wine from France, and is available in Red and White. The wines are meticulously handcrafted by Bōnfun Master Distiller Jean-Francois Rault in the Fin Bois growing region of Cognac, France.  Bōnfun is available in 500ml bottles with an SRP of around $26 per bottle (17% alc/vol), and is aged a minimum of 3 years before being bottled to ensure its unique taste.

Distributor information, recipes, and retail locations can be found at  Customers may also order Bōnfun online through various retail stores.