Agency 51 Advertising is developing a complete US-based brand identity for Kamasutra™, “The Natural Spirit of Seduction.”

Kamasutra™ is infused with ginger, ginseng and an exclusive blend of exotic herbs, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as a mixer. Kamasutra™  is packaged in a sculptured-glass bottle that evokes the figure of Rati, the Hindu goddess of passion.

“This is truly a breakthrough product from Bōnfun LLC,” said Agency 51 VP Scott Muscarella. The agency is creating new packaging, a new website and assorted collateral materials for Kamasutra’s US launch, all reinforcing Agency 51’s branding of Kamasutra as “The Natural Spirit of Seduction.” Muscarella continues, “Our agency became an equity partner when we tasted Bōnfun. And with their US launch of the sensational Kamasutra™, there’s no question that we made the right move.”

Count Maximilian von Bismarck, Founder of the Kamasutra™ brand and Great-Grandson of the famous 19th Century German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, flew to the US from Germany to attend this celebratory launch. Also attending were Michael Barsella, President of Bōnfun Wine, LLC, the sole U.S. importer and authorized brand representative of Kamasutra™; and various members of Kamasutra (USA)’s marketing team, including Agency 51 Advertising.

“We are not only pleased, but extremely enthusiastic to be chosen to represent the Kamasutra™ brand here in the United States,” said Barsella. “Kamasutra™ is currently very successful in several European countries, and is the perfect complement to our existing strategy of incorporating innovative and scalable European-produced brands into our portfolio.”

About Kamasutra USA, LLC
Kamasutra (USA), LLC is based in Newport, NJ, USA. The company’s flagship brand is Exotic Kamasutra™ with Natural Herbs. It is the world’s first spirit beverage to contain a patented herbal formulation inspired by the Kama Sutra philosophy, embodying the spirit of seduction of the ancient Indian and Oriental Kama Sutra teachings. (SRP $29.99/bottle)