Bouncing off the walls, bouncing back to you, more bounce to the ounce. For Alabama Credit Union, the Spot for Loans, keeping business bouncing in is critical.

How to bring the Spot for Loans to life in a quick, engaging fashion? Alabama Credit Union tossed that ball into Agency|51 Advertising’s court, and the agency returned the serve with a memorable campaign.

What, exactly, is The Spot? A|51 considered (a) a puppy (b) one measle (c) a coffee spill on a white shirt (d) a bouncing ball (e) a small cup of tea.

After careful consideration and a heated argument involving the puppy, A|51’S “The Spot” became personified as a red rubber ball with a mind—and personality—of its own. “The Spot” first appeared bouncing through a March 2013 TV commercial titled “Your Spot for Loans.”  The reaction from AlabamaCU and the ad’s viewers was immediate and positive, and The Spot took center stage for ACU’s 2013 campaigns.

 The Spot, as envisioned and developed by Agency|51’s creative team, was brought to life with the help of the video animators at Neo-Pangea.  The final character is friendly, whimsical and expressive, despite not having any facial features. “It’s all body language,” says A|51’s Executive Creative Director Tony Serna. “And even without a face, The Spot has the energy and playfulness that makes people smile.”

Learn more about The Spot, and see the TV commercials.