Like a new reality TV competition gone corporate, top executives and managers from Valcourt Building Services scrambled to the rooftops of Northern Virginia’s tallest buildings to claim the starring role in Valcourt’s first-ever company video.   And, as these staffers are all part of Valcourt’s Window Cleaning Division, their race to the top wasn’t confined to the inside elevators. 

“Ropes and anchors were allowed, along with rappelling equipment, suspended scaffolding and cherry pickers,” said Deek Dabbs, Valcourt’s VP, Window Cleaning. Whoever made it to the rooftop made it into the video. And that was everyone...I think.” 

All of this racing to rooftops was for Valcourt’s corporate video, written and produced by Agency|51. The subject was SafeSite Advantage, the new, comprehensive risk-management program for Valcourt’s Window Cleaning Division. In addition to the rooftops, many of Valcourt’s Windows Division managers and SafeSite directors appear in various training facilities and an assortment of Valcourt branch offices.  The finished video is available here: ( 

SafeSite represents a major leap forward in risk management that puts Valcourt ahead of all competing window-cleaning providers.  Agency|51 put together the full product launch, including the tactical plan, visual assets development and execution of the fully integrated campaign, which debuted in January 2013 and ran through June. The SafeSite rollout culminated with this introductory video.

“This was a new experience for Valcourt,” noted COO Jon Capon. “We’ve never used multimedia presentations in the past, but SafeSite is such an important and ambitious step forward, we needed a way to communicate its benefits quickly and clearly. To do that in a meaningful and significant way, Agency|51 needed to take us out of our comfort zone, and it was good for us that they did. SafeSite is the first program of its type anywhere, so it’s fitting that Agency|51 should bring us an innovative approach to introduce SafeSite.”

Agency|51 brought local Virginia video production company G14 Media on board for the shoot. The video features the full range of Valcourt staffers, from window cleaners to top management, and shows how many departments and how many people work daily in support of Valcourt’s window cleaning projects. 

The finished SafeSite introductory video had its world premiere during the first week of April 2013, when Valcourt personnel up and down the East Coast viewed it together online.  “Everyone made it into the shoot, “said Derek Dabbs. “Next time we do this, we’re gonna need a bigger building.”