January 20, 2014 — Think back to high school. Were you worrying about whom to ask to prom? Or what you were going to wear to the big Friday night concert? In many ways, these teenage milestones became our most cherished memories. That’s why Kate Weggeland is ensuring students with special needs have the chance to experience them, too. At just 17 years old, she has already accomplished more for the Special Needs community than many of us ever thought possible at that age. Agency|51 couldn’t wait to lend a hand to her incredible cause.

Fueled by fearless ambition, Kate thought beyond the classroom and created Uniquely Special to help improve and enrich the lives of her peers. Through social events, educational programs, and empowering opportunities, Kate unites student mentors with Special Needs individuals. What results are touching friendships and a genuinely uplifting impact on the community.

To make the organization’s identity as compelling as its mission, Agency|51 developed a heartwarming logo and tagline (Help US enrich lives) based on the organization’s abbreviated name — “US.” Soon after, we crafted a mission statement and launched its Facebook page. 

“Kate’s sincerity was a true inspiration, and our agency was honored to help extend and enhance her vision,” said Agency|51’s Executive Creative Director Tony Serna. “We can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish in the future. She’s already a standout leader.”


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