March 3, 2014 — When it comes to great taste in clients, this is definitely one. Agency|51 Advertising has been named Agency of Record for PrimoHoagies, Inc. Primo, which is poised to open its 100th franchise store this year, began as a single hoagie shop in South Philadelphia, and now has 97 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

Philadelphia’s South Philly neighborhood is the birthplace of the authentic Italian hoagie, which blazed the way for other long sandwiches around the country, often called submarines, rockets, heroes or grinders. The similarity between those sandwiches and a Primo hoagie ends there. Freshly-sliced Thumann’s premium meats, cheeses and trimmings on fully-packed, freshly-baked crusty sesame-seed Italian rolls, all created following the original, authentic family recipe — that’s why hard-to-impress Philadelphians have repeatedly voted Primo’s Italian hoagies “Best of South Philly”, “Best of Philly” and “Best of South Jersey” for nearly twenty years.

Primo’s menu boasts over 60 variations of the classic South Philly hoagie,, including five different Italian hoagies, spicy Diablos, Cutlet Combos, Healthy Choices and Meatless Delights, as well as hot sandwiches, including Meatball and Chicken Parmesan. And, along with authentic traditionals like potato salad and coleslaw, Primo’s side dishes feature true Italian surprises including Pepper Shooters, Tortellini Parmesan and Green Olive Salad

Agency|51 VP/Creative Director, Tony Serna said, “ A Primo Hoagie boasts the pride of South Philadelphia the same way deep-dish pizza screams Chicago, or Key Lime Pie says South Florida. Primo is a unique entity, dedicated to the authenticity of only using the freshest meats and cheeses for the heartiest hoagies and the most satisfying customer experience. Primo does not cut corners or sacrifice quality — that’s tradition — and consumers deserve to hear this genuine story and taste the delicious difference.  Our goal is to make everyone aware that, when you have a Primo Hoagie, you’ll have a Primo day.”

Agency|51 Advertising is perfectly positioned to bring Primo Hoagies to America’s attention. With offices in Philadelphia and in Orange County, CA, Agency|51 brings a rich track record of successful branding, experiential marketing and a deep understanding of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing — all areas where Agency|51 has excelled for other companies, and all vital to Primo’s plans for growth in sales and stores.

“My family and I have enjoyed Primo Hoagies for years,” says A|51 VP/Managing Partner Scott Muscarella. “And our Philly office is close to their South Street location, making PrimoHoagies a lunchtime favorite. Having the opportunity to share this genuine South Philly tradition with the rest of the nation and create its national presence is a personal treat for all of us. Primo’s unquestioned authenticity and their strong commitment to high quality make the difference. I love eating Primo’s hoagies, and now it’s our happy task to make sure everyone else does as well.”


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