Agency|51 selected to design “a lot” for national retail giant, Shopcore Properties
News: November 14, 2016

EXETER TOWNSHIP, PA — How do you get twice the bang for your marketing bucks? Agency|51 was selected as the firm to help design a shopping center initiative based on a “prevent & promote” strategy. And it’s a unique solution shoppers, tenants and local construction workers can all DIG!

DIG THE COMMONS! is Agency|51’s new promotion for SHOPCORE — a national owner and operator of shopping centers. Exeter Commons, a SHOPCORE location, was on the verge of a major parking lot enhancement, and Agency|51 created a dynamic wayfinding system, and ongoing communications, to help prevent shopper and tenant disruption, and also promote greater awareness of the shopping center experience. The DIG THE COMMONS! campaign educated shoppers and tenants about the renovation being performed, and also created a complementary thematic anthem to reconnect with shoppers about all the retail options at the Commons. DIG THE COMMONS! integrated multiple channels, including on-site supergraphics, wayfinding, environmental graphics, digital/online art, and social media strategies.

The full-scale effort is part of SHOPCORE’S additional operational support of a variety of hosted programs, giveaways, special events and property-wide sales as part of the DIG THE COMMONS! campaign.


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