Agency|51 takes creativity to Scottsdale to give the Promenade a new look
News: February 28, 2017

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — In the shadows of Frank Lloyd Wright’s landmark spire in Scottsdale, Arizona, Agency|51 has recently been contracted to promote the craftsman-inspired expansion at SHOPCORE’S shopping center, The Promenade.

While the two-stage expansion of The Promenade is being wrapped up, Agency|51 will be wrapping the site with 1,100 feet of supergraphics to promote the new stores for 2017. To connect and engage with the educated and affluent market, Agency|51’s design strategy will convey an elevated and stylish spirit to complement the architecture and craftsmanship of the center. The design will showcase some of the popular new tenants, including Blaze Pizza, Modern Market, Pacific Dental, and more.

SHOPCORE is a national owner and operator of shopping centers, and has partnered with Agency|51 on retail wayfinding and campaign for a recent expansion and renovation project at Exeter Commons in Pennsylvania.


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