Our goal is to thoroughly understand your business with a comprehensive analysis of your company, product and/or service. This detailed view provides a 360-degree perspective of your enterprise, and the beliefs of your customers and competitors. It’s intensive and extensive. Fact-finding pushed to another level providing the foundation for sound strategy, as well as being a great breeding ground for creative inspiration.
Once our extensive exploration is complete, we analyze and interpret the findings to develop a distinct and authentic brand platform. This intellectual foundation serves as the business compass for the creative — guiding solutions that are highly targeted, focused, and most importantly, engaging.
Here’s where strategy springs into creativity. Your brand’s total expression is developed through a unique blend of verbal and visual solutions. Engaging, relevant and resonating with targets based on the defined strategy in stage 2 of the process. For validation, customer feedback is sought to fine-tune concepts, and resolve any misconceptions.
We know what and how we want to say it, now let’s determine “where.” After analyzing target market metrics, we develop integrated marketing plans with the most effective tactics, including web and email, video, social, tv, outdoor, pr, earned media and more. We’ll turn passive consumers into passionate brand advocates. It’s sound strategy, properly executed.
“It’s not creative if it doesn’t sell.” Our analytical approach to ROI places marketing tactics on trial for their lives. Project process and performance audits — based on clearly defined, quantifiable objectives — are conducted from initial launch to completion. We constantly track, measure, analyze and improve. Find the stars. Drop the dogs. And repeat success.